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Why Omega VRT350HD is The Best

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Most of the best juicer reviews that I have found in the internet prove that the Omega VRT350HD is truly a worthwhile buy. This vertical masticating juicer from Omega is surely heavy duty, and this will surely last for long term use. The heart of this juicer, which is the Ultem screen, is the reason for its durability. This is because the Ultem juicing screen is 8 times stronger than the regular plastic juicing screens which are used in common juicing machines. This means that this juicer will surely stand daily and long term use.

Another wonderful thing about the Omega VRT350HD is that it can juice almost any type of produce, even the most delicate leafy greens and wheat grasses. In fact, this juicer is even great for juicing soybeans. Thus, investing in such juicer will give us the freedom to make our own fresh juice using different ingredients.

The Omega VRT350HD is also great because of its convenience and ease of use. As a matter of fact, even first time users find this juicer super user-friendly. Because it has self-clean feature and Automatic Wiping System, clean up time is surely easier and more convenient. This juicer will definitely make a worthwhile investment for all.