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Finding Good Wine Gifts Online

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

When you are buying wine gifts online what type of wineries should be featured?

To me, too many wine gifts which are bought and sold online feature the same tried and true wineries (which in my opinion are also tired) such as Mondavi, Gallo and Kendall Jackson. While I can certainly respect the progress those brands have made over the years, I can’t really say that it is worthwhile to pay for shipping when those same wines are often available at both your local grocery store as well as your local drug store. Just to be as clear as possible, I do think that these wines are good values for the prices you pay, I just don’t see any reason to add a few dollars to the price of a bottle of wine due to shipping.

Smaller wineries, like much of the Russian River Valley area of Sonoma County are great choices for a number of reasons let alone the quality of their wines. First, the wines are world class quality. Second, they are reasonably priced relative to quality, often falling into the $40 range. Last, these are largely family owned vineyards and wineries, those family owned businesses are exactly the ones I like to support when possible.