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Systems for Effective Businesses Connection and Management

Monday, April 16th, 2012

If you own one business store, a Point of Sale system is ideal for capturing all the business data. However, this efficiency reduces if you open more stores.

Keeping business connected

Managing additional stores should not be a worry because POS Systems are now offered with a multi-store software module. These are specifically designed for multi-store owners or for groups of store owners. The systems offer convenience as they do not need multiple system operators. They allow one to maintain files, set up promotions, and transfer inventories from one location. Also, information on any store can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Up to date sales and inventory

Multi-store POS system has an overnight communications feature that manages the sales and inventory levels. Therefore, information on sales is always updated and accurate. The system also tracks the inventory levels therefore instead of ordering for new stocks, one store can borrow from the excesses in other stores. Moreover, the system can generate and update transfer files from location to location. This feature makes it easy to control inventory and eases the maintenance of multiple stores.


Multistore systems produce amalgamated reports that indicate the totals from all the business stores. This saves the time that would have been otherwise spent going round collecting these totals. Some of the reports generated are department summaries, store balance reports, sales and inventory totals. Running multiple stores, invest in this system and save time.