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PTFE Sheets: Accidental Wonder We Enjoy

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Due to its many uses, people have been using PTFE sheets for a host of instruments and equipment. The benefits are for all to see. From the non-stick frying pans we use at home to the massive structures we have in our cities PTFE sheets or commonly known as Teflon has created plenty of new products. To some degree its accidental discovery and impact on society is a milestone across many of the worlds industries.

There is more to its story than keeping storage containers and pipes strong and resistant to some of the harshest and corrosive solutions. PTFE sheets and its other forms are being used in more and more industries than originally intended. It keeps our impressive buildings and the external of our houses resistant to extreme temperatures. To some it may actually even save their lives as it is now being adapted in use for certain medical equipment. The strength of the material is helping people regain structural competence in the bones and joints.

Whatever its founder Roy Plunkett did, it certainly turned into a major success that has transformed lives and the way society works. PTFE with its potential will continue to shape the modern world and its many industries.