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Why The Options Trading Platform You Use Can Influence Trading Performance

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Of all the things to consider when selecting a binary broker, the trading platform is an important consideration. This is what you will use to buy your contracts with your broker. It is important because you will need to have accurate pricing when trading. The real time nature of markets means that it is important to access to a fast and responsive trading platform which you can use to execute your orders.

Many brokers make use of the Spot Option platform for their clients. This is a generic options trading platform that they are then able to badge with the brokers livery. While you would expect performance to be similar across all of these platforms, this is not necessarily the case. You will also need to factor in the speed of the servers which the broker uses as this will have an impact on execution time.

Other brokers make use of in house developed platforms. These are unique and can, in some instances offer distinct advantages for trading clients. They are far easier to integrate specific client features in and the broker maintains more control of the facilities offered.

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