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How to go about sharing pictures on the Internet?

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

More and more people are looking to share pictures online. One of the most popular places to share pictures would be on Facebook. This is probably the reason why Facebook is so popular these days. You can get to find really funny pictures through your friends, and I think it makes a good idea to know how you can also start sharing pictures online as well.

If you come across any interesting pictures on Facebook itself, simply click the “share” button. The picture will be uploaded onto your wall immediately. If you have a Twitter account, you can also post a link in your ‘tweet’. There’ll be people who will be interested in what you have to share.

If you have a lot of pictures, you can also upload them onto image sharing websites such as PhotoBucket, flickr and imgur. They will usually offer basic free accounts that you can use. If you wish to upload more, do consider getting their paid services.

As for myself, I love to use Facebook to share images. The whole process is a lot simpler, especially when I am able to upload pictures on my mobile phone easily. Facebook has made things a lot easier and more enjoyable. Start sharing today!