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Quick Signs To Help Recognizing Teens Who Are Being Abused

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

It sure seems to be a lot easier to grow up back when I was a child. There’s no internet, hence no cyber bullying. Parents are more involved, as there’s less bullying going on at the schools in general. There’s definitely on gun violence. My daughter was recently telling me about Maia, an abused friend of hers and I got all nervous. Teens in abusive relationships are very difficult to detect in fact. Often, the last person you would ever suspect of abusing can be the one who is being abused by someone they care greatly about, or worse in many cases, that they love deeply. Here are some rather obviously signs you can look for in teenagers in abusive relationships

The easy ones are physical scars or marks. Bruises, especially on the upper arm may indicate abuse. Wearing turtlenecks or long pants during warm weather may serve as a an obvious cover up from beatings or another abusive behavior. In worse cases, stitches, scars and explanations that don’t match injuries are likely indication that the child is being abused. I have heard stupid make up stories as getting hit by a car, so be wary.

Physical appearance aren’t always easy to detect especially in teenage. Heck, I don’t like my own daughter’s wardrobe much, if anything at all. But you should notice sudden changes though. Any drastic change in the way someone dresses to me is a big sign. There are more information available on line, you can simply search for them.

I would suggest to always talk to your children, and get them to talk to you about themselves or their friends. That’s never an easy task, but a rather important one. If and when your teenager daughter is having a difficult time making eye contact with you, then something is up. It may not always be abuse, but it’s generally nothing that makes a parent jump for joy.