Carrying Away Building Materials For Reuse

Recently, my neighbor sold his house. Strangely, he did not sell the plot of the house, just the house. When I met him, he told me that he had sold all the material with which the house was built, not the house itself along with the land. He meant to break the building and make another building it its place as the old building was over 200 years old. But instead of just breaking it and then rebuilding, he came up with this idea. He said that there were so many poor people around who are not able to buy materials to build their houses. They could come to him and take away the bricks, rods, sand etc. with which the house was built. The material could be reused to build smaller houses. And through his idea he could earn some money as well, which he could use to build the new house.

I asked. “But how will then take all the material away with them?”. “Not to worry”, he said, “There are a number of removal companies in Glasgow, the careful movers from any of the firms can be asked to help in moving the material”. I was happy to know that the removal firms Glasgow has today made life easier for all the people.

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