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Mayweather vs Maidana Live

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

From the post on Yahoo Sports “Roger Mayweather Offers Amir Khan Some Advice: Fan Reaction”, Roger had some positive words for Khan, offering advice to help him return from the knockout. This made me think about Roger inside the position of Khan’s trainer.

Roger would help Kahn in much the same way his brother would, but the difference is that Roger is better than Floyd Sr. with offense. Consequently on the top of having more defensive tools, Khan would probably have less trouble keeping opponents around the end of his shots.

Pedro Diaz

The interesting thing about Pedro Diaz is the fact he has helped restore Miguel Cotto, a fighter who’d been brutally beaten on the time period of a complete fight twice (by Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito). People discuss how Khan may never return. Nevertheless the knockouts he suffered were quick (especially when compared with what Cotto endured).

Diaz is quite smart, and efficient at preparing fighters to the rigors from the fight. He’s extremely good inside the corner that helps in grueling fights where the support a fighter receives between rounds can certainly make the real difference between quitting and victory. Diaz was previously the coach for that renowned Cuban national team, so Khan would definitely be as technically proficient as you possibly can for each and every fight. Khan would settle down with the footwork also, given that he gets into that habit of moving excessively (especially later in fights).

Diaz is scientific in terms of conditioning, so under Diaz, it’s possible that Khan could be in such shape concerning allow him to handle opposition power better. Ultimately Diaz biggest possible contribution can be within the corner. He’ll have all the support in between round that a fighter can hope for if Khan’s ever in trouble.

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How Have New Wireless Speakers Evolved?

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Let me take a look at the newest types of wireless speakers and investigate how today’s speakers differ from traditional speakers. One of the biggest developments in the wireless speaker technology is the wireless transmission itself. In the past, wireless models would use FM transmission. This method works by sending the music similarly to FM radio stations. This method produces a fair amount of hissing and harmonic distortion. In addition, it is prone to wireless interference. However, speakers which use the traditional transmission are inexpensive to manufacture and offer fairly high range.

In contrast, modern wireless speaker models usually employ digital audio transmission. Wireless models which are based on this technique can be found at and other speaker related websites. These speakers differ from traditional models in that they digitize the music signal prior to transmission. The result is very high dynamic range with virtually no hiss or static. Further, newer models incorporate various methods of error correction in order to be able to cope with radio interference. Another improvement has been made in the area of audio amplifiers. These power amps are inside each speaker. Newer models feature digital amps with high power efficiency and very low harmonic audio distortion.