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The Proper YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

In the article YOLO: Deconstructing Youth Culture, the YOLO (You Only Live Once) mentality has received criticisms from older generations. You cant blame those who lived and aged earlier than you, as YOLO (although it wasnt the term before) for them is indeed much more meaningful. Todays YOLO is usually associated with drugs, endless partying, and empty pockets and wallets.
Its alright to try things you think you wont experience when you start the rites of passage to adulthood. But remember that there should be a purpose behind every endeavor. Below are some of the things that may add purpose to your life.

Take Good Care of Your Body
Your body is the greatest instrument youll ever own. Use it in any way you can, but dont forget to take care of it. Its always better to savor the greatest moments of your life when your body has the strength to do it.Eat well. Sleep Well. Take a rest.

Be Part of What You Believe In
Life is a collection of beliefs, and its important that you uphold one thing or two. This could be anything. Be part of your Sunday school. Volunteer at soup kitchens. Be an art advocate. Supporting causes will help you understand more about human companionship and compassion.

Define Your Strengths
Youre not supposed to excel at everything, or else youll end up with no excellence. Define something youre good at and strive to improve it. This will help you build a career and a reputation. Ultimately, it will help you become self-sufficient.

Differentiate Things
Try to see the thin line between two things that appear to be the same. Talking is different from speaking. Hearing is different from listening. Most of all, existing is different from living.

Live for Now
The present is the only thing thats sure for you. Its faster than you think, so be sure to enjoy the things that come your way. Be spontaneous and dont miss out on it.
While these tips are meant to add meaning to life, choosing the way to live is still at your discretion. Just use these insights as your guiding principles.

How to Pay Attention to Detail

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

If you often have difficulty with noticing things about people, reading things throughly or not including the detail in your work, then this article will help you learn how to pay attention to detail.

Often the reasons for not paying attention to detail is because you aren’t really interested in what you are looking at. You may not notice the colour of someone’s tie because you aren’t interested in fashion, you may not read all the small print in an article because you don’t think it is of any interest to you. What you need to do is give yourself a good reason to notice things, and you will start paying more attention.

If you are motivated to pay attention to detail you will be much more likely to notice things. For example as a child if you have always been praised for noticing the details of things you will continue to do that as you get older. However, if that was never important to you growing up you would have been unlikely to have gained that skill.

If there is a particular situation where you know that paying attention to detail is important then make sure that you are able to concentrate on them. Make sure it isn’t noisy or that there are distractions around, as these are the sort of things that stop your thought processess and the details then escape you. You also need to consider the importance of remembering the details. You can be sure that if your life depended on it you would remember all the details that you needed to, but if the details don’t seem important to you then you wont remember them.

There are exercises you can do to make you pay more attention to details in life. You can find these online or in books. They do help to an extent but without being motivated you will never learn how to pay attention to detail.