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Hoffman Fabrics – Best Company For Great Fabrics

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

In case you conduct a search on the net on quilting fabrics, the name Hoffman will certainly pop up. Hoffman focuses on screen-printed high quality cotton and cotton blends. They also produce dyed and hand painted fabrics. They introduce a brand new line of fabrics every single year and it is popularly known as ‘Luscious Balis and colorful prints.’ There fabrics are truly inspiring and its not a market hype. In case you take a glance at the wide selection of fabrics and colors that they must offer you wont be surprised why they are the first choice for quilters all over the country. Not only this, Hoffman has also shown a great deal of support to quilters. Hoffman challenge, which started in 1987, is proof of this.

Choice of ‘fabric’ (also known as “stoffen” in Dutch language) is the most vital consideration for a quilting enthusiast. The fabric that is selected makes or breaks the quilts beauty.

Each year, upcoming fabric design is selected by the talents of Hoffman fabrics to be used in the challenge. Doll-makers, accessory and clothing designers and quilt makers similar are challenged to make use of the fabric in designing an item that is original. The entries that win are featured in a travel show that is known to cease at museums, shops, galleries and quilting guilds. Quilters made 94 entries in the first year of the challenge. Up to 700 have been made since then. Not only this, the travelling show has gained immense popularity with 12 collections travelling nationwide. They even cease at Canada. You can also visit for more details.

Hoffman promotes the quilting art in a considerable number of other ways apart from the challenge. Pine Needles Design’s designer McKenna Ryan has agreed to pair with Hoffman to generate patterns that are based on their fabrics. Because Hoffman batik fabric has an increased thread count that helps in stopping fraying, Ryan likes to make use of it for her appliqu work. Ryan, like a considerable number of other quilters, also deeply appreciates the texture and color depth offered by Hoffman Fabrics. He makes use of these fabrics to design immensely intricate and lush patterns that are based on nature.

Best Types Of Engagement Rings

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Because ancient Egyptians wore proposal rings of hemp, household leather, and bone, these special rings have not only been a symbolic representation of betrothal, but of your couple’s everlasting love per other. Here are a number of the top current styles connected with engagement rings.

Halo Cut Rings

Halo engagement ring settings are seen as a center stone bordered by means of diamonds that emphasize and maximize the look of the stone. This is a good setting for a person who loves sparkly things or with the bigger is better attitude. While the round halo ring is generally what most people think of when they imagine the style, halo settings can come with rectangular diamonds (emerald cut), queen cut, cushion cut, as well as oval diamonds too. In truth, pretty much any loose diamond can be employed in a halo establishing. Although some ring styles come in and out of model, the halo has been popular since 1920s. While many halo model rings feature designs similar to vintage rings, this establishing is anything, but dated. Visiting or can give you the detailed information about halo cut engagement rings.

Classic Solitaire engagement or wedding rings

The classic solitaire ring is just about the top styles of engagement rings automobile simple, yet elegant, style. Featuring just a band and something stone (generally a diamond), solitaires are uncomplicated, yet bold. The purity from the diamond and the band on what it is set produce a great statement with a classic solitaire.