Some Factors That Do Not Contribute To Acne

Puberty is definitely a cause of acne. Hormonal changes and imbalance in the bodys natural chemical compounds tend to aggravate the condition even further. However, there are other commonly accepted factors that seldom lead to acne. Hereditary conditions, food, hygiene and stress are a few factors commonly believed to aid in acne formation.

Only those with severe cases of acne seem to be affected by heredity factors. Parents who had severe acne problems can pass on this problem to their children although almost everyone goes through acne in some point of their life. Common acne knowledge suggests that food too plays an important role. Pizza, greasy food, chocolates and fried stuff may increase acne aggravation. While these food stuffs are not healthy they do not cause acne or make the situation any more worse. Milk and chocolate however have been shown to make acne worse.

Worst of all is dirt, people tend to believe that bad hygiene leads to accumulation of dirt and grease which can block pores on the face causing pimples and acne. This is completely wrong because sweat never causes acne. If it were so then people who exercised a lot would suffer from severe bouts of acne. Similarly, stress has got nothing to do with this skin condition.

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