Oatmeal Pancakes are Healthy for the Heart

We all want to find foods that are healthy for the body as well as tasty and filling. Finding breakfast foods that do this can be especially challenging. This is where oatmeal pancakes comes into the conversation. These types of pancakes are best handmade. In stores, many consumers dont realize that the pre-mixed pancake mixes are put together with barely enough whole-wheat flour to fool the customer.

White flour is still the main ingredient inside most oatmeal pancakes that are bought from the store, and can cause an insulin spike that can be the same as eating a spoon full of sugar. Those who like to keep a lean body will avoid white flour altogether. This doesnt mean that pancakes need to be avoided; its just best if you make your own oatmeal pancake batter at home. It will be healthier and make you feel like youre accomplishing something right off the bat.

Using fresh oats or oatmeal from a box is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that the oatmeal is sugar free if you want a lean pancake. Other extras can be added as well, such as blueberries, nuts, or even chocolate. The end ingredients really depend on your personal tastes. If youre not sure, you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

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