Acne Treatment the Natural Way

Skin outbreaks sometimes due to the improper hygiene and this can result to acne. It can be very upsetting, but this condition can be cured by some acne treatment that can be found in your very own home. For whatever reasons, its still best to treat acne problem in a natural way.

Lettuce Leaves this is best for normal skin remedies because it contains chlorophyll and Vitamin K.
Peaches Face Mask this one contains alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) for skin renewal. Helps lessen wrinkles, clean pores and eliminated dead skin.
Tomato Face Mask this is a very effective way in removing dark spot, blackheads and aging spots.
Lemon Face Mask – the lemon juice contains alpha hydroxyl acids that exfoliates the skin and remove dead skin cells. This process regenerates new skin and maintain skins elasticity.
Carrot-Spinach Face Mask – the spinach aids in replacing damaged skin cells, while the carrots has a Vitamin A and Vitamin E for skin rejuvenating.
Avocado Face Mask – this fruit offers abundant nutritional benefits. It contains Vitamins A and C which can slow down the sign of aging.

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