How To Choose A Good Nursing Home

Cleanliness plays a vital role in a good nursing home (in French it is known as “maison de retraite“). The bathrooms need to be inspected to ensure that bathing is made as convenient as possible for any disabilities by providing hand rails etc. Take note of the appearance of the residents, whether grooming appears to be important in their daily lives. Elderly people need to be allowed to have family and friends visiting during free time or anytime, and whether these visits are restricted, and to what times it is. The elderly look forward to their meals, and one need to find out what kind of meals are exactly served to them, ensuring that the nutrition is proper in food and whether the menu has been approved by a professional dietician.

For people who have particular dietary needs, whether the staffs are prepared to meet those needs also. Also check are they allowed to bring their own motor car, whether they would be able to go out as often as they wish.

A certain number of independence can be vital to an elder`s well-being in general. Most assisted living establishments provide outings on their bases as well; inquire about these also, as to how often they go and what sort of entertainment, activities are providing.

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