Federal Health Coverage Picked Apart

Federal employees have it good as far as benefits go. Or at least that is what most Americans think. Yet a news article reviews what these workers really receive, and why their coverage could soon be altered. You can review this story in agonizing detail on the Office of Personnel Management, the source with the information. Surprising to some, it turns out that Senate and House politicians receive the exact same essential medical insurance plan as the remaining government workers. All government employees from the janitor at the Wisconsin state offices to the Speaker of the House visit their physicians with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. The program provides about 200 national health management organization plans, very similar to standard plans the average Joe receives. Insurance agents such as Bissell Insurance Company can analyze your particular needs and seek out a policy that fits your family.

Yet, active members of the House and Senate are also eligible for health services from the Office of the Attending Physician at the Capitol offices in D.C. This program comes for the extremely low annual stipend of about six hundred dollars, in spite of enrollment in FEHBP. Wouldn’t you like to pay less for your physician for an entire twelve months than you pay for your cell phone? This nominal expense gives recipients a host of services from a standard exam to standard scans and consultations. Representatives can also get emergency hospital and oral care at military facilities and centers where there is no fee for medical services. Quite possibly the greatest thing about this plan’s coverage is that it may continue into retirement for Senators eligible for a government annuity or if the policy holder has continuously enrolled for the past few years.

This may be all well and good, what does it matter to your average Joe? With healthcare expenses rising at an alarming rate all the time and no end in sight, many Americans wonder if they’ll be able to get the tests and prescriptions they want. Alongside healthcare are blooming concerns about life insurance and car insurance. Overall, the insurance system in the U.S. is a catastrophe and in dire demand of an overhaul from the ground up. Review this trivia about the insurance industry to see if you agree.

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