All about Superheros

When a person in today’s society thinks of a Superhero they either think of superman, batman, or spiderman. Other than these three there are not too many recognized by people. The general idea of a superhero has seemed to change over the years when transitioning between the comic book conception and the movie version. The main point of the superhero is always clear and relevant to the present circumstance yet he/she always has a personal problem unrelated to the big picture, either related to a family member or friend. In reality when this concept is demonstrated over and over again in stories, on television, or in the movies it does make a repetitive strain in the public’s mind on how a superhero is supposed to be.when in actuality anyone can make up their own version of a superhero that lingers far away from hollywood’s representation. For instance a young homeless cowboy in the nevada deserts who creates sand storms and wages havoc with his flying horse on the neighboring tribes until finally a curse is put on him eventually ending in the change of heart in the cowboy. This would be a fine example of how one can imagine an alternative story plot to the now repetitive and oh so boring superhero renditions.

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