Some Simple Ways To Set Up Surround Sound

Setting up surround sound has always been somewhat complicated due to the fact that a fairly large number of speakers has to be installed. As such surround sound systems tend to be somewhat complex and installation is proving to be a challenge for many people. However, help is on the way. Some innovative products have been launched lately that help simplify setting up a surround sound kit. In this short overview, I am going to look at some of the most interesting accessories. Hopefully you will get some ideas of how to make setting up a home theater kit easy.

One of the main challenges of setting up surround sound is running a lot of speaker wires. Not only is this process confusing but also you have to figure out which cable to connect to which speaker jack of your AV receiver. Also, you’ll have to watch out for the right polarity. Amphony surround sound speaker kits are here to eliminate some of the speaker cables, in particular the cables to the rear speakers. Other vendors offer similar kits which contain one transmitter base and one or several wireless receivers. One wireless receiver connects to either one or several speakers. The audio is sent wirelessly from the base to each receiver.

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