Looking to Open My Own Store

I am going over a couple of Lakeland Florida Commercial Real Estate ads to see what is available in my area. I am going to be opening my own Pet store in a couple of months and need to find an adequate location. I need something that is going to be easily accessible, as well is within the heart of the city. This way I am in a centralized location and have a higher potential customer base. I have gotten in touch with a realtor who is going to set up a couple of views for me based on the information I provided to her but I have not heard anything back as of yet. I am going to continue searching myself until I find the right location. I have gotten my loan approval from the bank and already have most of my base products ordered and awaiting delivery. I should get them within the next two weeks and would like to already have my building by then. If I do not have not secured a building by then I will just put the products into storage until I find a place. I have wanted to open my own pet store since I was a kid and never really got myself into a position to do so. I decided last year that I was going to focus my attention to getting myself into a financial position to final open my store and have not looked back.

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