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Gregory Annoyed Jennifer about the Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Strategies

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Gregory told Jennifer about recession made renegade millionaire systems, which he had read in the local newspapers earlier today. He did not get to finish because his client arrived, but he said that it was a very interesting read and he thought of Jennifer when he read the article. He added that Jennifer should search online for the recession made renegade millionaire systems so that she could use it for her real estate business. Jennifer dismissed it as something of a fraud because she said that everybody is trying to make money by offering strategies and systems to real estate professionals. Gregory insisted that she search for it on the Internet because he was sure that it is not a fraud. Jennifer was annoyed because she knew that Gregory would not stop bothering her about it, so she went online to do some research on the recession made renegade millionaire systems in order to make up her mind.