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Helping Charity Through Scrap Cars

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

There are many productive way to dispose scrap cars. Do you know that there are just too many people in need of help these days? The orphans, elderly, very sick children, the homeless, the children suffering from malnutrition in the very poor countries, those people who are victims of AIDS, lupus, cancers and many other dreadful diseases. The list is just too long. Anyone who wants to do charity work can always use scrap cars and this is done by contacting those in the business of scrapping cars with linkages to charities. Whatever is the appraised value of the car is paid not to the owner but to the chosen charity. To those who love their first cars, this is a great way to dispose it as the proceeds can go to something meaningful and close to ones heart. Do you have a scrap car you cant dispose for some sentimental value? Dont scrap it, donate it to charity.