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Buy The Best Yoga Mats

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Yoga mats are used by those that practice yoga and pilates. They are used to cushion the knees and hips from the floor. They also give some insulation from the cold floors. When performing postures they help prevent the student from slipping.

Their are a variety of mats available for students to buy and schools to provide for students. The best yoga mats are ones which provide enough cushioning for the student but are small enough to be rolled up and carried around. Mats which are too thick but provide excellent cushioning and insulation are far too big to be easily carried around.

The worst mats are those which are too thin and flimsy. These mats provide no cushioning or insulation. Mats which slip on the floor are also not a great purchase. If the mat slips whilst students are performing postures such as the downward dog the posture cannot be held as the feet and hands slide around. If the student slips they are at risk of injuring themselves.

Yoga mats are available in a range of sizes, thicknesss and colours. It is also possible to buy mats which are patterned. Some stores allow students to have there own designs printed on the mats.

The best mat for yoga can be a personal choice. Students have different opinions on which mat they prefer. When buying it is a good idea to try a few out before making any decisions. It can also be a good idea to ask yoga instructors for there opinion. The best yoga mats can be purchased from a variety of sports shops on the high street and from online stores.