Smart House, Stupid Human

Most of us has seen television commercials or heard radio spots lately for a variety of Smart Home devices. It seems that everything from adjusting your air conditioning up or down to monitoring your house wirelessly is now available as an application on your Droid. Big corporations are promoting their systems to consumers in masses. Comcast has The Xfinity Application, Lowes just introduced their Iris Device, Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon have all developed systems hitting the market later this year. But the question remains, do home owners really want it? Refer to A/C Systems of Jax for more insight on the market.

We have to wonder how much convenience is too much. It often seems that our daily lives are being dominated by the Internet. Nearly anywhere you venture you will see people of all ages craning their necks down to check their smartphones or tablets. Several of us are already used to scheduling our cable programming via an application. More and more of us are obtaining the vast majority of our entertainment and educational needs from these devices on an hourly basis. To read more about the, click to their article.

While the convenience of watching your energy usage and reducing your costs may be intriguing, some consumers are concerned about having their everyday lifestyle actions recorded and broadcast over the Net. With hackers and organizations like Anonymous breaking into even the most robust computer systems, could the time eventually come where we are imprisoned in our homes with the lights off, because of a hacker?

If modern trends are any indicator, most of us will quickly warm to the idea, and give up more of their privacy for convenience and savings. The day will soon come when we rarely need to be in our home to manage our house. Chores like mopping are already delegated to robots and very soon we can expect to order fresh food through our Smart Phones and have them dropped off at our house. As more and more of these technologies gain ground, hopefully people will be able to free up more time for intellectual and educational pursuits, bringing mankind into a new renaissance.

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