The Home Of The Future Is Coming Soon

Many of us have seen television commercials or came across Internet ads lately for various smart home systems. Apparently all tasks from adjusting your air conditioning up or down to securing your home over the Internet are now available as an app on your iPhone or Droid. Big corporations are advertising their products to home owners in droves. Comcast came out with The Xfinity Security System; Lowe’s has the new Iris System, Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner all have technologies coming into the marketplace in 2013. However the question remains, do Americans really want it? To learn more about this, click over to AC Systems of Jacksonville, Inc. to discover more about it on their website.

While the convenience of watching your power consumption and reducing your expenses is attractive, many worry about having their daily household activities indexed and made accessible over the Net. With computer hackers and groups like Anonymous affecting even the most locked down computer systems, could the day come when we are imprisoned inside our houses with the lights off, because of a hacker? To discover more on the Myrtle Beach Online projection, click to their article.

We have to wonder how much technology is too much. It often seems that our lives are controlled by wireless technology. Nearly anywhere you venture you often find people craning their necks downward to check their Droids or i Pads. Many of us are accustomed to scheduling our cable programming via an application. More and more of us are obtaining the vast majority of our entertainment and educational needs from these devices on a consistent basis.

If recent history is any indicator, most of us will gradually like the idea, and give up more and more of their personal freedoms for convenience and savings. The day could soon come when we hardly need to be at home to run our household. Chores such as sweeping are commonly delegated to robots and soon we will be able to order fresh groceries with our phones and get them dropped off at our house. As even more of these technologies gain ground, hopefully more people will have the luxury to free up more of their time for intellectual and educational pursuits, ushering mankind into a new Golden Age.

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